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Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for making the plans for our dream home come true. Although this was our first (and hopefully last) home that we plan to build, it was a relatively smooth process from start to finish. We have lived here for almost a year now, and we still find it hard to believe that this beautiful home is truly ours. Every guest we have invited into our new home has given nothing but positive compliments.

Even before you were awarded the building contract, you worked several hours with the architect to ensure everything we requested was in the plans. The vision that Bethany and I had in our heads, you were able to refine onto the blueprint. Our home certainly would not have turned out with the same positive results without your interaction in the planning process.

We also need to mention what a pleasure it was to work with your sub-contractors. Another one of the main reasons we chose you as the builder was because of the terrific people we worked with throughout the planning process. Cabinets, doors, trim, flooring, electrical, plumbing, lighting, wall texture, paint colors, etc. all needed to be selected and coordinated and everyone worked extremely well together. We especially want to thank Jim Rhoden for the beautiful finished carpentry; the ceiling and doors are absolutely beautiful.

Finally, with every new house there are minor adjustments and fixes that need to be made. Each request submitted has been responded to both timely and in a friendly manner on behalf of yourself and the various contractors. Each issue was resolved within days of bringing them to your attention.

We have shared our positive building experience with many family, friends, acquaintances over the past several months for which we have learned how truly blessed we have been. Unfortunately, not everyone has had the same sentiments with their building experiences or builder for that matter. We are not only able to work with a fine builder and end up with the home of our dreams, but we also remained under budget as well.

We will continue to recommend you to everyone we know who is interested in building in the area. Please use us as a reference with confidence anytime. Thanks again for all you have done for us.

Mark and Bethany A.


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